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Music by Landon Braverman

Book & Lyrics by Derek P. Hassler

An epic tale of love, ambition, and the effects of the American dream. Queen of the West is a new musical based on Theodore Dreiser's groundbreaking turn-of-the-century novel "Sister Carrie."


In 1901, Carrie Meeber, a young naïve Wisconsin farm girl moves to Chicago dreaming of a bigger and more exciting life. Upon her arrival, she moves in with her sister and discovers that it's next to impossible to break out of the lower class; however, after catching the eye of rising young journalist Charlie Drouet, and later the well-to-do resort manager George Hurstwood, she climbs the ranks of society, eventually becoming the biggest theatre star in New York City. But her story isn’t all it appears to be after the Chicago Tribune hires her first lover, Charlie Drouet, to recount her mysterious rise to fame.

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